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RC Electric Helicopter - Radio Controlled Helicopter - Falcon 3D Electric RC Helicopter
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Falcon 3D Electric RC Helicopter

Falcon 3D RC Helicopter comes completely assembled and ready to fly and has plenty of power and head speed for sport flying and aerobatics. Includes a brushless motor, brushless controller, gyro, 1300 mAh Lipo battery, wood blades, aluminium tail boom, wall charger, training landing gear, and 6-channel 72 Mhz FM helicopter transmitter. Gear driven tail has all conical gears for smooth reliable operation.

Transmitter has pitch range centering and pitch curve end point adjustment knobs, and an Idle-up switch for aerobatic and inverted flight modes. Also includes training gear with Ping Pong balls and a blade holder.

The Falcon 3D RC Helicopter also comes with a cd to put into your computer and a wire to attach from the pc to the controller so you can learn to fly a virtual helicopter on your pc to train for the real thing.



The Falcon 3-D electric rc helicopter comes in a very attractive box that not only protects the helicopter but will also serve as a carrying case if you like, it even has a handle on the top. It is well packaged in foam, which should protect it from anything but a Gorilla deliveryman. The kit contains the following parts:

1. The electric rc helicopter and blade holder, 30 Amp brushless speed controller, brushless speed 400 class motor with heat sink, 6-channel micro receiver and heading hold gyro. Four micro servos to control pitch, yaw, rudder, and collective.

2. 6-Channel Transmitter with two switches and two rotary knobs to control pitch. Note: you will need 8 AA Alkaline batteries to power the transmitter.

3. Lipoly 1300 Ma 3-Cell pack made by Art-Tech.

4. Training gear complete with ping-pong balls, carbon rods, wire ties and fuel tubing to hold the balls on.

5. Lipoly 115V Wall charger.

6. CDROM with videos of various aircraft and helicopters that Art-Tech manufactures. The CD Also has FMS Flight Simulator on it and there is a cable included in the kit to plug into your transmitter and computer, a nice touch.

7. A small bag of tie wraps, (to attach the training gear to the skids) and two Allen wrenches. There is also a set of stick on decals so you can decorate the canopy if you like. And instruction booklet with exploded views of the various parts. Note: The instructions are written in English and the important information is covered as well as some diagrams and pictures.

RC Electric Helicopter - Radio Controlled Helicopter - Falcon 3D Electric RC Helicopter