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Electric Bikes - Electric Scooter - Electric Bike
Electric Bikes - Electric Scooter - Electric Bik

Electric Scooter Bike

Light and convenient built from a high strength strong aluminium alloy material the Wrangler frame weight is kept to a minimum, and the NiMH battery adds very little to the overall weight. NiMH batteries are fast to charge and offer considerably greater power than conventional batteries. 

Independent power means that the e-bike can be ridden like a cycle keeping the rider fit whilst conserving the battery power or users can move entirely under battery power. The third option of operating pedals and power together gives a relatively effortless ride.


Lightweight Aluminium Frame & NiMH Battery 
Independent Twist Grip Throttle - Unisex Step-Over frame 
* Lightweight 26" Wheels 
* Triple Mode - Motor or Assisted Power 
* 200W Brushless Motor 
* 21 spead Shimano Gears 
* Nimh Battery 
* Capacity = 24v 8Ah = 192 Watt hours 
Triple - Mode of Operation 
Motor power only - 15mph max speed 
Assisted power - Motor and Pedals - 15mph max speed 
Cycling only - Without Motor Assist - any speed you like 

High Spec 
Independent twist grip throttle 
200W intelligent brushless motor 
Japanese Shimano 21 gear mechanism 
V brakes front and rear 
26 inch wheels for smooth ride 

Battery Performance 
NiMH lightweight battery – 24V 8Ah=192 Watt hours 
15 miles (24km) with normal pedalling on a flat surface 
Full battery recharge in 4 to 6 hours - 500 recharge cycles 

Physical Features 
Adult sized Mountian style 
aluminium frame 
Adjustable seat and handlebars 
Suitable for ages - 14 to 99 
Handlebar height - 94 to 99cm 
Saddle height - 86 to 96cm 
182 lenght 23.5 width 82 height 
Weight including battery 25kg 
Comes with Battery charger, Front and Rear Lights and Mud Flaps 


Electric Bikes - Electric Scooter - Electric Bike